The domain survivalcrafters.com is avilable for rent.


Contact billing@survivalcrafters.com or dittdatt@live.no to rent the domain.


You will gain access to whatever you rent. If you rent an email, you'll get access to that email and all of its settings. If you rent a blog, you'll be able to log in to the admin panel and edit blog settings, prefix for the blog-domain, etc.


If this domain is reserved for a server, or a group of servers, others can't reserve it for servers due to scam risks.


This domain can be rented for:

- Server DNS for websites

- Server DNS for gamingservers and general servers (example: minecraft) You then choose if you want play.survivalcrafters.com, a.survivalcrafters.com, etc.

- Personal E-Mail with a name of choice before @survivalcrafters.com (example: support@survivalcrafters.com) (Email address(es) that's taken: billing@survivalcrafters.com)

- Blog, named www.survivalcrafters.com, or nameofchoice.survivalcrafters.com



- Other: Contact me if you have questions or want to rent something not listed above.


Any questions or want to rent the domain? Contact me at: